Special developments

In Onírico Sistemas, we specialize in development and programming in PHP. In our company one of our best aspects is the creation of programs dedicated to the world web, in which we use the latest technology (php4, php5, CSS2, ajax, javascript, etc..) We optimize all resources to the maximum for make a coherent programming , powerful and effective. One feature is that we leave the code of the programs open for future upgrades or improvements to them, so the customer does not have to make unnecessary expenditures in the future.

How we work?

Analysis: Certainly for us the most important since the same is where you collect all the information needed to understand the concerns of the customer and offer the best solution.

Development: with all information obtained in the analysis, we focus on the development of the project , which will be hosted on our servers and can access it to see the progress of it.

Deployment: end to development stage and with the approval of the client, will be installed leaving in the servers of the client fully functional.

What programs do we do?

Virtual Stores: We do all kind of Virtual Stores, which may include, systems of news, registered users, catalog system, featured products, category system, product information sheets with information for than the customers can give their opinion of them, panel of administration for the user to monitor their customer data and track their orders, advanced payment gateways (paypal, bank transfer, Cash ...) to optimize our developments to the maximum , to than not consume system resources and are quick loading..

Corporates Pages: If you want a corporate website dedicated to informing the user, there will be no problem, you can update all the content of your website easily and quickly, may have systems of news, advertising systems, systems for users to submit information, you have a website ready for these times, with a search engine optimized and highly efficient.

Entertainment Portals: we create pages of humor (jokes, videos, images ..) video portals, information systems, online gaming sites, pages for viewing youtube videos, social networks for communities such as facebook, pages with galleries, among other things, pages for downloads and many others.

Pages Adults: we create adult sites, with search engines, TGP's, galleries and video systems, pages with micropayment systems, systems of advertising pages, among many other things.

We perform all types of developments, if you have any questions please contact us.