Web Design

In our company you will find several types of design (Web Design and Web Redesign) we are specialists in the form of redesign website.

With regard to Web design refers Onírico Sistemas makes all kinds of styles and all kinds of projects (except of projects racist or any other similarity offensive and harmful to anyone)

What styles we work?

We work about any style that it is necessary, we are creative and we contribute with our "touch", we have a style own but we adjust to our customers' requirements. While our success is that we use a very particular style of design, taking a little of each (Classic, Modern, Corporate Entertainment ...) we can make page designs classics, retro, underground, childhood, leisure, ... adults and apply any style.

What design formats we work?

Corporate Designs: are designs for companies to boost the success of their products or simply to make themselves known within the Internet. These designs are lightweight and modern which can perform for little details be done in Flash or to emphasize movement or detail.

Store Design:We design for stores, payment gateways, sales catalogs ... all that focused so that the client has absolutely everything by hand, making a practical design, modern and that products stand out about the design by to improve sales.

Designs Leisure: In Onírico Sistemas is one of our specialties, entertainment. We design for pages of jokes, online games, video portals, from childrens ... everything related to the entertainment sector.

Adult Designs: We do not reject these projects, that some companies do not want, we design Web sites for adults, TGP's, galleries, sites subject to any of the adult world, giving a special touch of color to greater success.


Other option that we have in our company that is redesigning...you wonder what is the difference between Web design and redesign? good web design is the creation of a site from scratch, we design a new structure taking another look at the website, which is obviously more expensive ... The redesign is an option for companies who have a website and want to improve it with a tight budget or who like what they have but want to upgrade "The redesign is more economic as it is creating a new design but starting with the same structure and data from the old site web, giving a touch of considerable graphic enhancement to its website current.