Content managers

In Onírico Sistemas can find solutions for managers of content (CMS) like Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB, vBulletim, OsCommerce, Contrexx, Tribiq among others. We specialize in Wordpress and vBulletim and then explain a little to we make in our study and characteristics of these CMS. special developments.

  • Wordpress:

    We design and adapt, installed, always check and update the latest version of wordpress, we optimize both the manager and the design so that it is 100% integrated and install and configure the plugins needed for its operation or "best" performance. In ONIRICO SISTEMAS have the ability to design without being forced to build a structure in which we mark the wordpress, unlike other studies, we do wordpress that suits our designs.

    Some features of Wordpress: Easy installation, follow the recommendations of W3C and is open source (it is a free software license that you can modify your code.) separates content and layout in XHTML and CSS which allows for an easy way to modify the style of the site, supports plugins and creation of pages through the database, using dynamic and static pages, provides tools for communication between Blogs be categorized the articles into categories and subcategories as well as the inclusion of comments, notes of items using RDF, RSS 0.92, RSS 2.0 and Atom and discussions (via RSS 2.0). Upload images and link them or insert them in the posts, allowing users to record, giving them different levels of administration.

  • Joomla:

    As with the case with wordpress, also we design and customize, install, configure, optimize ... This tool is very similar to wordpress and it is almost as flexible as the above, but some like one or the other, we give support to the two . No one feature stands out about joomla, basically because it is very similar to wordpress, joomla is the most dynamic and looking more towards a website or portal, to manage the content, wordpress on his part was created as a "blog" not to host Websites content or the like, but thanks to its flexibility be can do almost anything.

  • phpBB y vBulletim:

    These are perhaps the easiest to edit, are not content management (CMS) such as wordpress and joomla since these are "Forums" to create communities of users among other things. We can make skins and templates as you prefer to call them, we adapt the designs for these two platforms, optimize, edit and install in as much as possible (usually you can do almost anything) unlike the two previous and phpBB than are open source, to use vBulletim have to pay a license , although it is the best forum known, it is also more expensive due to the leave, although there are other solutions to this problem, if you can call it that.

    The biggest difference between phpBB and vBulletim, is that the phpBB has been established for simple communities, that do not cease to be a mere forum without much trouble, instead vBulletim is for large communities , more complex and with many more options at all levels. The phpBB could be similar but it would be based install Mods and Plugins.

To use another content manager please contact us.