Web Design CSS and Xhtml

Web design are an important part to making in the development of a web, a good layout is more than 60% of the success of a good optimization and positioning of a website. Web design our web site are based on W3C standards, CSS and XHTML, and meet the main patterns of accessibility and usability, as well as trying to achieve a better interaction between the user and the interface. Fortunately we have in Onírico Sistemas the best resources for a perfect typesetters.

What is a Layout?

A layout is the code which runs a website, the language base for any layout, the HTML. This language is the DNA of a website, and if it is as old as the internet itself is unique and very useful as it is the only language that handle the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and hence is the door Entry for massive traffic on the web.

If the HTML has a limited, clearly this is the possibility of poor design. This is a language used to add content to a website, but is indebted to the attraction of doing it without complex programming (which would make the site very unfriendly to search engines, and updating the it a very tedious work). Search engines do not like the long and complex codes, and thus these sites are penalized to analyze their position in search engine results (SERP).

What do you need to do?

Perform a layout Css, Css is the ideal complement and enhancement of basic html, do a layout in the css will benefit us from a short code, a code cleaner, more organized and improved, more flexible and manageable, the CSS is much more friendly to search engines. The advantages offered by web design a layout using CSS when it comes to optimizing the website to be found, are enormous. It also helps to speed up the loading speed of the site. But to be even clearer to him explain the benefits more clearly by using CSS:

  • Benefits of search engine indexing.
  • Load pages faster.
  • Lets reduce the size of the HTML.
  • Cleaning the code.
  • Remove JavaScript code (functions that modify the design and can be made with CSS).
  • Improve accessibility.
  • Reduction of maintenance time.
  • Take advantage of the structure and makes it profitable.
  • Increased flexibility in design.
  • We are closer to the future.
  • Much better to facilitate the printing of the page.

Undoubtedly make a web design, without a design in CSS, is a big mistake, CSS is the present and future of web code.

What do we offer?

Onírico Sistemas can build / redesign your website to apply css, just send us a PSD or AI file with the graphic design of your site and we will transform into html + css validated.